The Workplace Wellness Policy and Practice Symposium is a two-day symposium on wellness policy and practice in the workplace. It will be held at the InterContinental Wellington 13 – 14 October 2016.

It is anticipated the Symposium will attract 100 to 150 delegates and is aimed at senior executives, managers and HR directors in both the public and private sectors. Conference Innovators have been engaged as an experienced event management company to run the Symposium.

The recently introduced new Health and Safety legislation has focused employers and employees alike on the responsibilities implied in terms of supporting all staff to be safe and well. The opportunity to hear first-hand from experts on how to make the necessary employment environment adjustments will be timely. The reality is the adjustments are neither daunting nor usually expensive – for example the commonest form of "reasonable accommodation" needed by some employees is "flexible hours".   

International speakers include Professor Sir Mansel Aylward who has visited New Zealand several times in recent times – at the request of Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, PM's Chief Science Advisor; and Dr Paul Litchfield, Chief Medical Advisor to British Telecom, who has also visited NZ to advocate for the cost effectiveness of Workplace Wellness Programmes.

MSD along with the rest of the Public Service has been challenged by the Government to achieve a number of ambitious targets under the Better Public Service priorities. In addition the Productivity Commission and the Minister of Finance have called for improved productivity from the Public Service. 

The Symposium is an opportunity to revisit current policies and practices for workplace wellness and wellbeing to ensure that our workplaces are attractive to workers, and that productivity in the workplace is fostered by high retention rates, low absenteeism and a workplace culture that supports and encourages workers.

On behalf of the Organising Committee we look forward to welcoming you to Wellington in September. 


Professor Gregor Coster and Dr David Bratt 

Co-Chairs, Workplace Wellness Policy and Practice Symposium

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