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Product Description:

At ARX, we are building a fitness solution that aims to change traditional exercise into a fun and entertaining experience.  For much of the general public, going to the gym and exercising in general is considered to be a painful and boring chore. This has been proven time and time again in the New Zealand Health Survey with often almost a third of adults suffering from obesity, and a further third in the overweight category in previous years. 

For most gyms this lack of enthusiasm from potential members translates to lost business, even for many of the people who sign up for long-term contracts.  As such retention and acquisition of clients are major pain points for the fitness industry, especially for gyms and personal trainers.

ARX seeks to integrate the core principles of engagement and fun that are common to video games into the fitness industry using the latest mobile and AR technologies.   

Chentur Thambiah

Chentur has worked and commercial gyms for the last 14 years and been in the industry himself over the last 5 years working various positions from gym instructor, private trainer and licensed personal trainer where he made it into stage 2 for New Zealand's upcoming personal trainer of the year. 

With his passion in entrepreneurship, gaming and future technology along with business partner Joe Chang, a technology entrepreneur, they decided to combine their expertise to create ARX (Augmented Reality Exercise). Since then ARX presented over Tech Week 2017, The New Zealand Fitness Expo 2017 and also won a French Innovation Award for their solution where they were flown to present at VivaTechnology in Paris, France. 



Product Description:

AUT Ventures start-up, Avice, has developed a wearable that measures and tracks changes in muscle density, to enhance and speed up muscular development. The technology motivates fitness individuals with real-time feedback ensuring every training session is effective.  Avice is about making that training intensity count, through science.

Eric Helms

Co-Founder/ Head of Strength and Condition Research

Eric Helms is Co-founder / Head of Strength and Condition Research at Avice. Eric is a competitive drug-free powerlifter and pro-bodybuilder and coaches drug-free lifters as a part of 3DMuscleJourney. 

He publishes peer-reviewed articles in exercise science and nutrition journals, in addition to writing for commercial publications. He's taught under and postgraduate nutrition and exercise science and speaks internationally. 

He has a B.S. in fitness and wellness, an M.S. in exercise science, a second Master's in sports nutrition, a PhD in strength and conditioning, and is a research fellow for the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand at AUT.

Parn Jones

Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer

Parn Jones is Co-founder / Chief Technology Officer at Avice.  Parn applies knowledge of design, mechanical, electronics and biomedical engineering to make Avice become an end-user product. 

Proven ability to execute engineering projects based on the progressive experience with a Master of Engineering project, and a Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment project. He had experience working in an industrial automation company Festo Ltd, and was working at Auckland University of Technology as a Research Assistant – Project Manager.  

Parn now solely focuses on making Avice's newly founded technology to become the next big thing – specialised wearables that provide meaningful feedback for effective training.



Product Description:

CSx offers cloud based concussion assessment software delivered via an app called Headguard. Just like a stethoscope or Blood Pressure cuff, CSx is a measurement tool that can be used when an athlete/individual suffers an incident that can affect brain health. Headguard enables the assessment of cognitive health from the time of suspected concussion through to recovery and return to play, using a smart device with general or customised protocols. Launched in partnership with World Rugby at the 2015 Rugby World Cup, providing Head Injury Assessment software to all the teams. Since the World Cup CSx now provides Headguard to all Elite level rugby competitions globally as well as other sports like NRL and England Cricket. Headguard is now launching a non elite version enabling all athletes, no matter the sport, access to track their brain health.

CSx Head Positioning System is a wearable sensor designed to record all head accelerations. The initial version is a patch that is worn behind the ear. This gives direct contact to the head with no helmet needed, so ensuring that the sensor can be used in any sport. A new version is being finalised incorporating the sensor technology into mouth guards. The use of the sensor technology is not for diagnostics. It is used as a tool to inform that an event has happened that could be a concussion which provides the side-line medical team with more information.

Ed Lodge

Managing Director

Ed, is the founder of CSx. Prior to his involvement with technology start-ups, his background was in physiotherapy and sports medicine working with elite athletes and international rugby teams. This background is core to the CSx development ensuring that products are developed with the end user in mind. 

Prior to founding CSx, Ed developed other technology concepts and start-ups including an altitude simulation company in NZ and the US (working with leading Nike trainers, Athletes, Velocity Sports Performance and Special Forces members) and Wearable Tech with E2.



Product Description:

Circuband looks to increase Sports Performance through 2 key elements: Specificity and Technology.

Through Creative thinking and Strategic Partnerships, Circuband is changing the way athletes monitor and track performance. By creating and delivering specified training tools, Circuband allows athletes to bring their craft into the gym to collect data on progress, strength, endurance and power development. 

Once dealing solely in resistance band technology, Circuband has now branched out and increased its portfolio of products. Furthermore, Circuband has successfully paired Virtual Reality with Resistance Training to make fitness more engaging and stimulating for both athletes and the public. 

Daniel Thomson

Managing Director



Product Description:

A high-potency NZ blackcurrant extract formulation in a capsule, CurraNZ is backed by an international program of sports performance research that has unveiled world-first findings on its game-changing effects on muscle performance and recovery for athletes.

Found to improve fat oxidation up to 27%, enhance blood flow 20%-35% and improve muscle performance during exercise, CurraNZ has a cross-section of benefits thought unique to blackcurrant. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties also have a potent effect on muscle recovery and support the immune system.

Certified by Informed-Sport, CurraNZ is used by leading British sporting organisations, English Premiership Football and Rugby Clubs, plus high-profile World No1 athletes and record-holders. Based on the scientific evidence to date, CurraNZ is recognized for its benefit to team-based running sports and endurance athletes. 

A Preferred Supplier of Specifically Approved Nutrition Supplements to HPSNZ.

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson is Chairman of CurraNZ Ltd, manufacturers and distributors of health and fitness supplement, CurraNZ.

Tom has a long track record in New Zealand commerce in the horticulture, primary care and pharmacy sectors and serves as chairman for many private and publicly-listed companies. He was the Founder and Managing Director of Radius Health Group, building that to over $200 million in revenues and 3,000 staff in five years. This included 42 Pharmacies, 19 Medical Centres and 22 Rest Home Hospitals.

CurraNZ started life in the UK when launched into the global market by the sister company Health Currancy Ltd. The founder, London-based Kiwi expat Fleur Cushman, was alerted to the blackcurrant proposition and its potential in the health and fitness sectors by her pharmacist father, Mike, who developed the leading New Zealand vitamin and supplement range, 'Clinicians'. 

CurraNZ was developed to harness the benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants and overcome consumer engagement issues common in other products in the 'functional food' category. 






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