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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I explain your service to my committee or old girls/boys association?

Easy, just download our one page flyer and take it along to your next committee meeting.

How much will this cost?

This is by far the most common question we are asked and it can be a tricky one to answer! Because we cater our services to each individual event and no two events are ever likely to be the same, prices do vary. As a starting point, for a very basic online registration site (that could be linked to your website) we would charge from $10 per person, with the price increasing depending on what services you require. The important thing to remember when  considering costs is that this is a per person price; if you get 10 guests we will only charge you for 10, if you get 100 guests or 1000 guests, that is what you will be charged for. This structure allows for those with no start-up cash are still able to afford our services and also ensures that no matter what, as long as you have covered your costs accurately when pricing tickets, you will always cover your expenses.


Where do I start with the budget?

CI has many years experience in setting up budgets for school reunions. There are many items to take into consideration and setting the budget is the single most important task to get right when planning begins. As part of our service we can provide a budget template in MS Excel to get you started.


What is the best way to market the reunion?

Every possible avenue that may lead to contacting an ex-pupil should be explored. From using any existing database the school or old boys/girls association may have to more internet-based research and good, old-fashioned phone calls. In the Reunion Toolkit we offer a list of marketing opportunities that should be considered.


How do I collect payments and confirm them?

CI runs the latest software for collection of registrations. We offer:

  • Secure online payment services
  • Instant confirmation of registration and payment
  • Emailed invoices and receipts
  • Easily updated attendee records for when someone wishes to add to their current registration.


How can we cover the cost of CI's services?

As part of the budget template we will show you how to cover this cost.


What functions should we offer?

Our experienced team know what works and what doesn't; by working with CI you will be able to tap into this abundance of knowledge.


How can I keep track of the number of registrations achieved to date, how much money has come in and where from!?

CI provides real time reports detailing all of this information for the Committee that can be accessed via the reunion website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


What sort of name badges should we have?

CI can work with you to design a name badge that best reflects the reunion branding and provides information that other ex pupils might wish to see (e.g. colour banding to denote decades).


I want to enjoy the reunion but expect I will be too busy registering people and handing out tickets to enjoy the day, how can CI help?

CI has a team of staff who are well versed in managing name badge and ticket distribution onsite. We know how many people will be required and at what times and we encourage our clients to factor this assistance into their budget so that they can enjoy the reunion.