8 – 9 April 2019

Tuesday 9 April | 10:15am


Rich Matla and Greg Jansen

Rich Matla and Greg Jansen have a long established backgrounds and diverse roles in the education sector ranging from extensive classroom teaching experience, pastoral care and middle management, to school governance, resource development and policy oversight.

Their current roles are as consultants and trainers in restorativeschools.org.nz, that has seen them work with hundreds of primary and secondary schools in New Zealand, working with thousands of staff and parents across New Zealand and Internationally.

Greg and Rich are also consultants with www.leadershiplab.co.nz where they works alongside schools and kāhui ako to as they look to address the many complex and challenging needs we have in our communities. They are both heavily involved in Grow Waitaha Christchurch Secondary School Wellbeing Community of Practice that is in its 2nd year in 2019.

Greg & Rich are both contributing authors of Responsive Pedagogy – Engaging Restoratively with Challenging Behaviour available through New Zealand Centre for Educational Research.


They are passionate and committed to the needs of young people and their development, to the professional growth of educators and to the quality of learning cultures and our environments.

Tuesday 9 April | 10:15am 


As the Harvard longitudinal study shows - the number one indicator to positive wellbeing is RELATIONSHIPS - a clear indication of the importance and need for all of us to have strong and positive connections. To connect effectively not only requires awareness of ourselves and others, but importantly, when our relationships come unhinged, when they are strained or even if they completely fall apart, what do we do to repair and sustain these relationships and how does this affect our wellbeing.

Done well, restorative approaches can provide a way through where relationships and wellbeing can not only be maintained but enhanced. Using effective restorative approaches are fundamental to wellbeing.

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