8 – 9 April 2019

Tracy Clelland and Megan Alderson

Collaboration - schools and tertiary providers promoting wellbeing

In this presentation we will discuss how to collaborate with tertiary providers to enhance wellbeing in schools. You will learn how to work with University of Canterbury BHSCi students to enhance your school programmes, and implement the '5 ways to wellbeing' through a simple school wide, or community, health promotion event. The first part of this presentation will explore how BHSci students work with health departments to explore new ideas for their junior programmes. Students work with teachers to create new lesson plans related to best practice research.

The second part of this presentation will explore how to establish an ALLRIGHT AMBLE health promotion event as part of a school wellbeing strategy. Over the last 5 years students from the University of Canterbury have organised and implemented the AllRight? Amble in the Botanic Gardens. Utilising evidence based research this event is designed to support people of all ages with simple strategies to look after their own and other's wellbeing. These strategies are Connect, Keep learning, Be active, Take notice and Give. Although these strategies are well known people need practical ideas of what they look like in their everyday lives. The students in your school take ownership of this event and decide what activities will occur at each of the five stations. On the day participants from your school and or wider community move around the stations and participate in fun activities that enhance mental health. In this presentation we will share how to set up the event, ideas for activities and ways to include the wider school community. 

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