8 – 9 April 2019

Suskya Goodall

How can quality circle time develop student wellbeing? Integration and inspiration from a teacher's perspective

How can quality circle time develop student wellbeing? This presentation seeks to share ideas from experiences using quality circle time and restorative practices in two schools. The journey from introduction to integration will map how this social and emotional tool changed a teacher's mindset with lessons learned along the way through challenges and inspirations. Case studies of a low-decile rural school and high-decile intermediate will highlight how this tool was used in various ways with a range of outcomes over time.

Quality circle time has the potential to change individual and group mindsets and behaviours, connect deeply and meaningfully with others and develop inclusive learning communities. Strategies to incorporate high levels of student agency and helpful resources will also be discussed. Framed with restorative lens, this session is aimed at teachers, leaders, counsellors and anyone interested in how quality circle time enhances student wellbeing.

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