8 – 9 April 2019

Pete Beswick, Tony Christie, and Rob Wilson-Pyne

Shirley Boys' High School, The Shirley Man Programme 

In 2018, SBHS introduced The Shirley Man Programme into form classes. This programme aims to develop healthy, well-rounded citizens who have the skills to be successful while at school, but more importantly, in life. In addition to this, staff wellbeing initiatives have been implemented, which is a crucial element that not only underpins the success of the Shirley Man Programme, but also the flourishing of the school as a whole. 

The key objectives of these initiatives are to:

  • Enhance relationships within the school community.
  • Develop life and employability skills in students.
  • Strengthen well-being (PERMAV), grit and resilience in both students and staff.
  • Foster students' ability to regulate their own learning, behaviour and wellbeing. 
  • Develop depth and strength of character. 
  • Provide further guidance for students (mentoring, goal setting and careers). 

Our presentation will focus on the rationale of the programme, its development and implementation, and looking to the future. We will share our story, hiccups, wins and losses, some of the form class activities and wellbeing initiatives. 

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