8 – 9 April 2019

Niki Stephenson

Wellbeing in Action

Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery is a special character Year 1-13 school, soon to be based in Christchurch's CBD. Our special character is based around the fundamental tenet that the child is central in directing their own learning so that the enthusiasm and love of learning is retained.

We have 5 values and 5 guiding principles which define our special character. 

During 2018 we have been on a journey of discovering how our special character supports wellbeing. We have worked to enhance staff and student wellbeing through research, professional development and the implementation of wellbeing initiatives such as mindfulness practices, community time, character strengths and community events. We have written a collection of lesson plans and activities which our Learning Advisers can easily pick up and teach, making Wellbeing education simple and accessible for all our staff.

Come and listen to how our respect for individual students and their individual learning pathways positively affects their wellbeing. Hear how our merged schools have retained their special character whilst being displaced for over 7 years and how this has created a culture of resilience. Find out how involving your community can change the way student wellbeing is supported. Come and get some real ideas that you can use to enhance your practice, starting tomorrow.

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