8 – 9 April 2019

Florence Micoud

Role of library in supporting well-being

Developing a love for reading and ensuring the library is a safe place have always been the focus of our high school library. The librarians have in their job description an ever-friendly smiling approach to develop of life-long love for books and libraries. Over the years the psychology self-help section has been actively filled from a few Chicken soup books to 4 shelves including meditation, anger management and a lot about peer pressure and bullying. 

When our school health department embarked on .b (mindfulness) program and the following year, the Counselling services stepped up to a school-wide well-being policy,. the library has begun to refocus from reading enjoyment to reading for well-being. We do this by:

  • Developing our fiction collection with all aspects of well-being, defining a set of keywords around the themes and promoting these books
  • Monitoring users numbers, type and quality of interactions
  • Re-branding and promoting reading as a well-being practice
  • Enhancing and promoting the library as a well-being place and the exciting plan for a new library, all bend on nurturing connections

The presentation will highlight the role school libraries have for the school-wide loving and positive culture. We'll share our story and our progress we'll design handouts and templates to be shared with other school libraries to implement easily in their school.

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