8 – 9 April 2019

Anna Mowat and Kara Seers

Sparklers: how a locally-grown, free, online wellbeing tool is helping tamariki live brighter

Fun, fresh and easy to use, Sparklers' 50+ activities teach tamariki things they can do to stay calm, manage worries, be kind and feel good.

Sparklers is a free, online wellbeing resource. It was developed in response to requests from the education sector for tools to help them support and promote the wellbeing of young Cantabrians following the earthquakes. From the outset, the interdisciplinary Sparklers development group was committed to working in a strengths and evidence-based way at a population level. What has emerged is a tool that is quick and easy to use, integrative and scalable, and responsive to the unique needs of Kiwi classrooms.

In this talk, you will learn from some of the creators of Sparklers about how the resource was (and continues to be) developed, the evidence behind Sparklers and the difference it's making, some of the creative and exciting ways that Sparklers in being used in classrooms locally, and how to bring Sparklers to your own classroom and school. You will also get an opportunity to help shape how Sparklers grows- don't get left out of the kōrero!

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