8 – 9 April 2019

Adrienne Buckingham

MenFit - Explicit Wellbeing Teaching for Year 10 Boys

As an English teacher and Dean in an all boys' school,  adolescent mental health is an undeniable challenge to teaching and learning.  I, like a lot of teachers, was at the chalk face without the skills I needed to help students engage. This inspired me to learn more about Positive Psychology and to create a practical, engaging wellbeing programme that would appeal to my students - teenage boys.

In 2018, I was granted curriculum time to teach this programme, which I called Mental Fitness, to Year 10 boy. This has been a privilege, a lot of fun and ultimately,  a successful experiment. Using the AWE (Dr Aaron Jarden's Assessment of Wellbeing in Education), the MenFit cohorts are reporting higher level of happiness and resilience than the year 10s who have not taken the class and higher than other year groups as well.  In this discussion, I will explore the journey, the challenges, and the wins of introducing positive psychology to teenage boys in a public school. I will share the key topics, activities and tools that were most successful and enjoyed by the students.


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