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Thursday 27 – Sunday 30 July 2017

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Our conference with its range of seminars and workshops will draw upon the theme:

Whakamanawatia. Ma te mahi ngatahi, ka whakatutuki. 
Inspire. Invent. Intertwine. 
Working together we can do great things.


The theme for the one-day Quality Symposium that precedes the main conference is:

E-health: Technology is changing – are you?

Programme last updated on 15 June 2017.

Thursday 27th July 2017

Quality Symposium

0900 - 0910

Dr John Wellingham

0910 - 1000

Keynote session: Dr David Haslam, Chair, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, UK
Quality Improvement in e-health

1000 - 1015

Plenary session: TBC

1015 - 1045

Morning tea

1045 - 1230

From good to better: what is holding us up?
Sue Wells, Jane Cullen & John Wellingham

From Haggis to Pavlova: Building on Scottish experience to improve patient safety across the metro Auckland region
Neil Houston, NHS Scotland & Dr Vekis Sethi

Adverse events: how serious is primary care? Improving the national reportable events policy
Iwona Stolarek & Sarah Upston

How dynamic quality systems can reduce the compliance burden...and save a few trees
Trish Anderson

1230 - 1330


1330 - 1410 Panel: Tele-health/Virtual practice
1410 - 1525 Panel: Patient portals

1525 - 1555

Afternoon tea

1555 - 1645 Data, does it help or hinder
John Robson

Interactive Workshop
1645 - 1700 Wrap up
David Haslam
1700 - 1900  Welcome Reception 

Friday 28th July 2017

Day One Conference

0830 - 0900

Opening ceremony

0900 - 0915 Dr Tim Malloy, President RNZCGP

0915 - 0945

Keynote session: Professor Peter Crampton
Inspirational Tales from Te Kaika: The Village, Wrap around integrated medical, dental and physio clinic for Maori/Pasifika high needs patients.

0945 - 1015 Morning tea
1015 - 1030 Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman, Minister of Health 
1030 - 1115 Keynote session: Professor David Haslam, Chair of the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
What sort of Doctor?
1115 - 1215

Concurrent session 1

1a Patient centred care 1b Health equity research and audit tools for GPs 1c How Community Based attachments can influence our future GP workforce 1d Pain management 1e Genital dermatology, thrush and vaginosis  1f PRACTICAL
1215 - 1315 Lunch and networking
Rural GPs Chapter
Associates in Training Faculty AGM
1315 - 1445

Concurrent session 2

2a Patient care networks and Health hubs 2b What GPs need to know about Maori health 2c Outing burnout 2d Future challenges: antibiotics genetics and precision medicine 2e The latest sexual health updates: Gonorrhoea, HPV vaccine and cervical screening 2f: PRACTICAL
1445 - 1515 Afternoon tea
1515 - 1600

Concurrent session 3

3a Patients' experience of harm 3b Kai Tahu response to the Kaikōura earthquake and the growing Maori health workforce 3c Training future GPs 3d Eliminating Hepatitis in New Zealand 3e Managing revelations of sexual abuse and domestic violence 3f PRACTICAL
1600 - 1700

Concurrent session 4

4a  4b Preventing worse general health outcomes for mental health patients 4c Learning together, working together: multidisciplinary education 4d Understanding patients' viewpoints 4e Youth health: social media and practical legal issues 4f Ageing issues: driving, falls and depression
1715  Ceilidh
Kindly hosted by University of Otago

Saturday 29th July 2017

Day Two Conference

0745 - 0845

Representatives Breakfast

0900 - 0940

Training generalists for NZ rural practice

0940 - 1020 Keynote session: Professor David Haslam, Chair UK Obesity Foundation
Strategies from the fat fighting front
1020 - 1050 Morning tea
1050 - 1130 Panel
Obesity: not our future!
1130 - 1230

Concurrent session 5

5a Obesity topics: Bariatric surgery and natural disaster preparation 5b Using quality to find touchpoints for equity 5c Medical humanities panel: The art of being a GP 5d Bowel screening and ACC's liability abdominal wall hernias 5e Sexual health: genital pain and dermatology 5f PRACTICAL
1230 - 1330 Lunch
RNZCGP Annual General Meeting
1330 - 1530

Concurrent session 6

6a Managing obesity in primary care 6b Working together to beat addiction and treat mental health 6c All about being a doctor: the nature of general practice 6d The 'how to' guide quality improvement, adverse events and complaints 6e What GPs need to know about fertility, early pregnancy assessment and genetic screening, and maternal vaccination 6f Medical humanities: The Masterclass with Glenn Colquhoun
1530 - 1600 Afternoon tea
1600 - 1700

Concurrent session 7

7a  7b Glenn Colquhoun on Medical humanities for beginners 7c Effective communication between GPs and allied health professionals 7d Therapy for improving mental and physical health 7e Three topics in an hour: Bay Navigator pathways, GPs as patients, and care vs business 7f PRACTICAL
1730 - 1830 Fellowship Ceremony
1830 - 2000 Celebration Function

Sunday 30th July 2017

Day Three Conference

0745 - 0845

Kapa Kaiaka Breakfast

0900 - 0930

Keynote session: Tim Kelsey, Australian Digital Health Agency
Australia's experience of the Single Patient Record

0930 - 1015 Panel: IT as an enabler of healthcare
1015 - 1100 Brunch
1100 - 1130 Peter Anyon Address
1130 - 1230

Concurrent session 8

8a Using technology for patient consultation and diagnosis 8b Philosophy of practice 8c  8d Coeliac disease 8e The iHunch pandemic and freeing yourself from paperwork 8f PRACTICAL
 1230 - 1300 Glenn Colquhoun; Closing - it's a wrap!

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