Wednesday 18 October | 12:00pm


Hamish Mackie

Hamish is co-director of Mackie Research and has 20-years of research and consultancy experience in various areas of human factors and ergonomics, with the last eleven spent mostly in the transport sector. All of Hamish's work has the underlying theme of 'human centered systems' and he has a particular focus on road safety and active travel. Recently, with a range of collaborators, Hamish has been active in several cycling related projects including the development of the Cycling Safety Panel recommendations, Future Streets, investigating better methods for understanding cycling crashes, identifying institutional barriers to better streets, footpath cycling and the re-development of New Zealand's cycling education system.


Wednesday 18 October | 12:00pm

Streets for our future: Moving from knowledge to practise and outcomes

Over the past 12 years, research and practise collaborators in New Zealand have been involved in a programme of work to demonstrate and evaluate safe and healthy street design. There is a compelling case for doing things differently, but key ingredients are needed for successful towns and cities in the Future. Dr Hamish Mackie will present the public health case for better streets and then tell the story of Self Explaining Roads and Te Ara Mua Future Streets. Finally, he will suggest steps for progressing from knowledge to nation-wide meaningful change, for a healthier transport system.




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