Wednesday 1 May | 14:00

Concurrent session 1b: Surfing the silver tsunami


Dr Terry Nash

Terry has experience as a Rural General Practitioner, Emergency Physician, Air Force Retrieval Doctor and lately trained in Palliative Medicine. After years of caring for major trauma victims he shifted gears and decided that caring for the elderly and those towards the end of life was the most rewarding aspect of medicine. Delivering safe, quality, and compassionate care for our elders has become his primary focus and is both Clinical Lead of CAREPACT and Staff Specialist in the Princess Alexandra Hospital Emergency Department, Brisbane. CAREPACT delivers a novel model of care that bridges inpatient, emergency and community care of residents in Aged Care Facilities throughout the South Brisbane area. The service has delivered consistent returns on investment and improved the quality of care of the elderly in the region. 

*CAREPACT – Comprehensive Aged Residents Emergency Partners in Assessment Care & Treatment




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