Wednesday 1 May | 14:00

Concurrent Session 1b: Surfing the silver tsumani


Dr Scott Pearson

Scott Pearson is an Emergency Physician at Christchurch Hospital. His interests in medicine include bedside ultrasound, clinical decision making and critical care. He was previous Clinical Director at Christchurch ED and has been a previous Censor for NZ (ACEM) and had involvement with other committees with ACEM.

He enjoys the clinical aspects of the role and is developing an interest in Geriatric Emergency Medicine.  25% of ED attenders at Christchurch ED are 65 yrs or older. Because of their higher admission rates, this group is impacted the most by ED overcrowding and pressure on inpatient beds. As we have developed a subspecialty of paediatric emergency medicine, older people attending ED deserve and need the same focus. We, in emergency medicine, are well suited to this with our focus on a team approach. Scott has been known to run a few marathons and half marathons but is currently dabbling in pilates.




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