Thursday 2 May | 16:00

Plenary six: The Challenge of being a patient


Lisa Rendell

After riding my friends Honda PW50 motorbike my parents saw how much I loved riding and in a bid to wear the 'speed demon' out of their not so feminine  13.5 year old bought me my own motor-cross bike, a Suzuki DS80, a whopping 30cc's bigger than my friends and left him in my dust!

From that day forward my particular love for motor-cross increased along with my passion for extreme sports, I had a motto of my own "Wheels or Water" and I was a law into myself.

I have always enjoyed challenging myself along with others and everything is a competition!

I rode motor-cross until I was 27 years old, I never rated my riding ability but I certainly could handle a motor-cross bike as well as any of my guy friends and this is where my story begins, waiting at a cross road for my friends Craig and Harley to catch up some 17 years ago in June 2002

I have been working in the medical industry since I can remember, firstly in the manufacturing of pharmaceutics and now sales within the medical industry

Although I no longer ride motor-cross I am an avid mountain bike rider along with my husband Mark Rendell who regularly ride with John Bonning who often pushes our limits, often ending in tears (from one of the boys) 



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