Wednesday 1 May | 16:00

Plenary three:
Panel: Launch of the ACEM Strategy Manaaki Mana: Excellence in Emergency Care for Māori 


Dr Inia Tomas

He uri au no te Tai Tokeroau o Aotearoa

Ko Kāririkura te moana

Ko Tinana te waka

Ko Tumoana te tangata

Ko Whangatauatia ratou ko Okokohuia ko Taumatamahoe nga maunga

Ko Te Rarawa te marae 

Ko Te Rarawa te iwi

Ko Inia Tomas toku ingoa

I am a descendant from the north of New Zealand 

Kāririkura is my ancestral body of water

Tinana is the vessel upon which my ancestors arrived in New Zealand

Tumoana is my primary ancestor

Whangatauatia, Okokohuia and Taumatamahoe are the mountains that identify my ancestral/tribal home

Te Rarawa is my marae

Te Rarawa is my my primary tribal affiliation 

My name is Inia Tomas

I have been employed as a consultant at Middlemore Hospital since early 2018 however I have worked in the Auckland region since 2010. I have also worked in Emergency Medicine in Australia and Ireland. I have an interest in Māori and indigenous health and have been part of ACEM's Assessing Cultural Competency reference group and currently co-chair ACEM's Manaaki Mana steering group.

I have 3 young children, play over 40's football (even though I'm only 38) and am a keen armchair sportsman.

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